explosive yield

explosive yield
тротиловый эквивалент
* * *
взрывная мощность

English-Russian military dictionary. 2014.

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  • Explosive forming — is a metalworking technique in which an explosive charge is used instead of a punch or press. It can be used on materials for which a press setup would be prohibitively large or require an unreasonably high pressure, and is generally much cheaper …   Wikipedia

  • Explosive material — A number of 1.25lb M112 Demolition Charges, consisting of a C 4 compound, sit atop degraded weaponry scheduled for destruction An explosive material, also called an explosive, is a reactive substance that contains a great amount of potential… …   Wikipedia

  • explosive — explosively, adv. explosiveness, n. /ik sploh siv/, adj. 1. tending or serving to explode: an explosive temper; Nitroglycerin is an explosive substance. 2. pertaining to or of the nature of an explosion: explosive violence. 3. likely to lead to… …   Universalium

  • yield — /jild / (say yeeld) verb (t) 1. to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation. 2. to produce or furnish as payment, profit, or interest. 3. to give up, as to superior power or authority. 4. to give up or over,… …  

  • Nuclear weapon yield — Logarithmic scatterplot comparing the yield (in kilotons) and weight (in kilograms) of all nuclear weapons developed by the United States. The explosive yield of a nuclear weapon is the amount of energy discharged when a nuclear weapon is… …   Wikipedia

  • Minol (explosive) — Minol (pronounced mine ol) is a military explosive developed by the Admiralty early in the Second World War to augment supplies of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and RDX, which were then in short supply. The aluminium component in Minol significantly… …   Wikipedia

  • Variable yield — or dial a yield is an option available on most modern nuclear weapons. It allows the operator to specify a weapon s yield, or explosive power, allowing a single design to be used in different situations. For example, the Mod 10 B61 bomb had… …   Wikipedia

  • Improvised explosive device — Ammunition rigged for an IED discovered by Iraqi police in Baghdad in November 2005 …   Wikipedia

  • Strength (explosive) — In explosive materials, strength is the parameter determining the ability of the explosive to move the surrounding material. It is related to the total gas yield of the reaction, and the amount of heat produced. Cf. brisance.The strength, or… …   Wikipedia

  • low-yield — «LOH YEELD», adjective. yielding little, as of ore. * * * adj. producing little; giving a low return low yield investment ■ (of a nuclear weapon) having a relatively low explosive force …   Useful english dictionary

  • Nuclear weapon design — The first nuclear weapons, though large, cumbersome and inefficient, provided the basic design building blocks of all future weapons. Here the Gadget device is prepared for the first nuclear test: Trinity. Nuclear weapon designs are physical,… …   Wikipedia

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